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Welcome to Chengdu JiaoLong Port!
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¡¡¡¡HongKong Dragon Group Limited was established in 1998 in Hong Kong. Possessing outstanding managers and excellent team, the Group strives to provide perfect development platform for enterprises. HongKong Dragon Group helps those enterprises to expand infinite development space. International trade and foreign investment are the core business of the Group. Thanks to the powerful strength and visionary perspective, the Group internationalizes its development, making its service extend to China Mainland, Europe, America, Vietnam and India etc. The Group strives to establish powerful and excellent brands. Among them, Dragon Group has successfully developed two industrial parks in Chengdu Sichuan(Chengdu Jiaolong Port Shuangliu Park and Qingyang Park) to assist more than 1000 enterprises' expansion and development, which receives positive approval from Chengdu municipal party committee and government.

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